About us

SFL provides a wide variety of less than container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL)services between Bangladesh and the entire world with the worldwide top leading networks. SFLis a specialist in NVOCC and freight forwarding as well as worldwide export and importtransportation logistics, the excellent networks and regular frequency give you the comfort ofknowing. Especially, SFL provides its own worldwide LCL cargo consolidation services of weeklywhole world ex Bangladesh via Colombo or Singapore and Port Klang transshipped also directlyFCL service worldwide. We are also handling consol service from major countries to Bangladesh,moving over thousands tues containers per annum, which make us capable worldwide cargoconsolidation service in Bangladesh.
In 2000 started SFL, a one stop service provider as International Freight Forwarder in Chittagong,Bangladesh. It’s Management has served years of experiences in various recognized Shipping &Forwarding industry nationwide along with in Account/ Marketing/Import/Export/Indenting alsomulti purpose business firms.
The progression into the last 20 years was natural and steady, guided by new business needs.With the growing emphasis on overseas markets, SFL implemented an intensive in-house trainingprogram, where key staff members became fully qualified in the movement of air freight, seafreight, rail freight, door to door delivery services etc.
From 2000, SFL mission continues to provide one stop services with a unique opportunity toexplore new business opportunities in Bangladesh. Today, SFL is a provider of expert logisticssolutions, giving businesses a competitive edge through supply chain efficiencies. Fully integratedsolutions offer clients efficiency, improved customer service, access to new markets andcompliance with trade and regulatory legislation.